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Logistics consultancy


Why will our logistics consultancy pay off for you? Because we ask the right questions! Examples?

  • What buildings and facilities are available? Or if a new warehouse is to be built, where is the best place to build it?
  • How many members of staff are to be deployed – and how many members of staff are really needed?
  • Does the projected scope of the logistics operation require the integration of an Urban-Transporte location in your plant?

Our project teams, working with practical experts from day-to-day business, EDP specialists and logistics advisers will, with your help, translate your logistics requirements into practical solutions. The proven methods and tools that we utilize, such as project management, computer simulation and benchmarks, are the result of years of experience in logistic projects completion.

We will be pleased to analyze your plans, to develop a detailed concept with you, and, of course, to provide you with active support during implementation.